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02-10-2010, 06:28 AM
I loved this game at start but after first rank i got really bored and that was about what i found out.
I feel like i did in so many other mmo, it's like a grindfest with quest involved, do this do this again and you
will get more xp and doit again etc.

Just doing the quests and get back to same area that you have been 10 times before.
I just felt that it was enough for me, it's like City of H/V and champions with almost auto generated quests
that never ends.

Ground mission was fine until i also found out that it was quit boring to, almost same environment
everywhere you have same type of quests, not same but almost same with what i think brainless NPC's
I didn't even fail or died once in any ground mission. until my lvl 16 died because boring game.
So that was my experience of a MMo that i been told will be really good.

I think if a game feels boring after 25% of max lvl they have missed something.
And what i can ask myself is, if i pain myself trough all lvls and then what.
Epic game raids in same galaxies over and over again?

IMO, this mmo had a good start but will never survive 6 - 8 month from release with same major
amount of ppl.
We have seen games that has SO much more potential then this and they have not even
survive 6 month.

I will moving on in the jungle of mmo trying to find somewhat a more impressive game than this.
And i also salute Cryptic dev's for doing a mmo that feels like a arcade game..

Bye bye.