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02-10-2010, 06:56 AM
Hey some people are taking it hard due to the economy, so I ain't afraid or worried of where I live. As long as I have a place to live =\, otherwise I won't be here, or on STO =P.

but back to the Starbases.

1: K Class (which should be rare, its friggen old man!!)
2: Regula type 1
3: Regula type 2
4: Regula type 3
5: Jupiter Class
6: Troy Class
7: Ilius Class
8: Immense Class
9: Earth Spacedock (one you currently see in game, unless its the one and only.)
10-A: Stardock Class (Final Class, huuuuge and well defended.)


10-B: NOR Class (But since its Cardassian structure and DS9 is typically the only one being controlled by Starfleet, probably scratch this one out, but its up to Cryptic =P)

Then theres defenses, Phaser turrets, Phaser Cannon Turrets, Photon Torpedo Turrets, Quantum Torpedo turrets, etc etc.

I would suggest that, the deployable, orbital turrets should be cheaper, due to the fact they have no shields and they can be deployed, while Mounted weapons, weapons mounted onto the station at certain key points for ARC, should be more costly, due to the fact they are attached to the station and protected by the station's shields.

You would have to buy stronger orbital turrets from a factory or shop, most likely from Earth Spacedock until you are able to upgrade your station to fabricate its own orbital turrets.

And you would have to spend more in order to upgrade the station's mounted weapons. Like from Phaser Array Mark III to a Mark IV, or a Quantum torpedo launcher from a Mark IV to a Mark V, etc.

Heck, if people are creative, they could have Dual Phaser arrays, Dual Distruptor Beams, Dual Phaser Cannons, Dual Disruptor Cannons, Photon and Quantum torpedoes and Mine launchers (for incase fighters and other ships get too close to the station ) then that would most definitely be a well defended starbase, no matter what class it is.

So all it takes is some ideas, creativity and lots of Energy Credits in order to get your base all built, upgraded, and well defended . While the Fleet has a place to go in private, set up this and that, heck maybe Fleet Starbases can also be a way to set up fun games, like a fun war game with another fleet, ya know? Basically send a priority message from your starbase to the other fleet's starbase where they will pick it up later when they get to it. And then let the Fleet Battles begin!!

Like I said, all it takes is some imagination and creativity to make these Fleet Starbases very useful =].

I personally like the Immense Class ^^