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02-10-2010, 07:17 AM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
Yeah well.. problem is twofold.. If Klingons start stacking beams, Id guess more Feds would use FBP, second.. As it is Id have to spend 1200 points in beams to get same bonus my cannons have.. Might be worth it though, or maybe I should just reroll.

Lastly, wouldnt the beams suck a lot more power than those turrets? I mean, I have EPS transfer and stuff, but still?
+ very high DPS within the cannon firing arc.
+ benefits from ludicrously powerful rapid fire.
- 5km effective range
- outside of your cannon firing arc, the dps afaik is very low.

+ fairly consistent dps in 360 degrees.
+ ability to use overload/target subsystems etc.
+ 10km effective range
- power consumption problems
- much lower dps within a cannon firing arc
- affected by feedback pulse

My own feelings after having a cannon-battlecruiser in open beta/t3 and a beam-battlecruiser in release is:
- beams make support quite a bit easier
- cannon/turret is more combat focused, but still provides some support.