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02-10-2010, 07:24 AM
Win 7 64 with GTX 285 driver from dec 09. Only probs I get are "server is not responding" But I doubt thats a vid card problem. I haven't had an issue with Nvidia drivers since the glitch during EQ2s releease.

The game does overdrive your video card if you let it. I also downloaded the "precision" program from evga which allows me to monitor GPU temp and adjust fan speed. Riva tuner does the same thing. I'd recommend downloading one of those and before you do anything else crank up the fan speed and see if you can hear your fan respond. If you hear the fan respond then your fan might be ok. If you don't your fan maybe dead.
Either way I set my fan to about 55-60% when gaming because the card does start to get warm.