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02-10-2010, 07:38 AM
Wholeheartedly agree with every single thing you have mentioned here and have a few to add myself.

1.) Ship Debris - It has been said before and shot down by every forum troll known to mankind, however, this game needs an increase in ship debris and the addition of derelict ships after battles. Every ship just going "pop" after a battle is uninteresting and rather lazy from a design standpoint. Destroying a borg cube and seeing it blast apart into pieces never stops being epic and is hands-down my favorite experience in the game so far. I know debris can be added, it already exists with the Borg Cubes and during the borg fleet invasion those debris fields get massive with no impact on lag. On top of that, every person has a max-physics objects slider in their options if they take a graphics hit from adding debris. I don't want every single ship I take down to go critical and have its warp core explode - as the game is, hundreds of my crew are injured and killed because a squadron of fighters were taken down too close to my ship, it's aggravating when you're stuck in an explosion field and anti-climactic when there is nothing left of your massive battle but a bunch of loot buoys.

2.) End The Button Mash Orgy! - At Captain and Admiral this game becomes literally painful to play even for an hour. Let us hold in keys to keep achieving the desired result. It keeps us having to provide input, it doesn't defeat the purpose of the two auto-fire weapons (which act essentially like an automated defense system, which is pretty awesome) and it saves our thumbs, wrists, keyboards and mouses. My mouse buttons are already starting to get messed up from playing this game because of the button mash orgy that it becomes down the leveling road. So please, we all love this game but I'm not going to be shelling out several hundred dollars every week because the button mashing keeps killing my mouses. Just allow us to hold the buttons in - problem solved.

3.) Space Doesn't Feel Like Space... - While I understand the use of instancing, this isn't a vanila cut-and-paste MMO (or at least it shouldn't be. Have some of the people at Cryptic play the game Freelancer for a while in their spare time and try out the thousands upon thousands of mods that have come out (and continue to come out) for that game. Freelancer is 10+ years old and it's still being played today by countless people, I even helped design two mods for the game: FL:CE & Discovery. Space needs to feel like space and this means increasing the scope of it. We need to feel like we're exploring the galaxy not re-entering Randomized Sector XYZ for the hundredth time. Keep the instancing, just make the instanced areas larger, have them contain multiple planets and allow us to go to warp within a system to travel between the large distances - take a page out of Freelancer, they handled it extremely well.

4.) What's With The Asteroids? - Okay, so I know Atari (thank you to anyone who gets this) is backing you guys up but honestly, why all the space-rocks? They're problematic, everything and their mother gets stuck in them, they don't move, can't destroy them, and they aren't even all that pretty to begin with. On top of that, why does every single planet have an asteroid belt? It was pretty amazing the first few systems I entered but after seeing the same generic layout for the hundredth time it's honestly rather ridiculous. Better design needs to be put into these areas and hopefully into the game as a whole to make it feel more like space.

5.) Star Trek Online Remember from your game's title this is Star Trek first, Online second. This game has immense amounts of potential under its wings, if you guys go the vanilla-MMO route this game will end bitterly. This needs to soar and to do that it needs to be a space game first and an MMO second - if someone wants to play the generic MMO of the month, they'll go play WoW, GW, Lineage II, Champions, Rappelz, MU, etc. No one wants this to be That-Generic-MMO-of-the-Month - In Space. And I'll cite Freelancer again because this is important! Freelancer is a cult classic because it was fantastically fun, easy to get used to, a massive sandbox, and could easily cater to pretty much anyone who found flying around in space even moderately entertaining.

All-in-all I love this game and I know I'll be playing for quite a long time but when it comes to a grade, I give this game a C+.

You have so much potential in store, stop listening to the forum trolls who want you to nerf XYZ, change XYZ, blah blah blah. Instead, bring this game to its full potential.

No amount of catering to those who want you to change your game will make this game any better, adding to it - expanding and broadening will.

So far this is the most fun I have had playing an MMO at launch and I have played many, so many that I've forgotten the names of a few but there is so much that needs to be done if this game is to become truly iconic. Don't settle for a vanilla cut-and paste MMO Cryptic, you can take this game to the edge and be revolutionary or at the very least become a cult classic.

Fail, and a huge title like this will cost you everything.