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02-10-2010, 09:04 AM
I think you shouldn't take away stuff from people that takes longer than a PVP match to regain as a penalty. Why?

1.) Gamers got older. Not everyone is a student today or goes to school, so time is limited. When I want to pvp, and the consequence of loosing is that I need to farm mindlessly for hours to regain full strenght for my next pvp-match, I just don't pvp.

2.) Giving players the chance to take away worthy stuff from other players or force them to do things that they normally don't want to do (ie farming or grinding) will only result in an increase of griefers. People will gang up against one target in pvp to f*** it up as much as they can while ignoring any pvp targets or caring about winning the fight at all.

Harsh penalties will make a game fail faster than you can blink.