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02-10-2010, 09:09 AM
Originally Posted by Neatherworldians View Post
Ok like It says this is not related to STO.

Anyways those of you who have windows seven and are trying/gonna try to play Bio Shock 2, Heres a headsup and a workaround.

Window 7 uses directX 10 and Bio Shock 2 will crash even though it can use it.

The work around is to use DirectX 9 through options menu.

It's a temporay thing til an update comes out. anywho enjoy.
wow thanks, i was D/Ling bioshock 2 last night to play when i got home today and i do run win 7 lol, talk about good timing

the game stays running until you get to the options menu?

there is an advanced command line option you can add to a shortcut to force something to run in DX9 by default, it is "-dx9" without the quotes.