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02-10-2010, 08:09 AM
Originally Posted by Lowery
You should learn a little about credit card disputes before telling people to try them. Anything over about $20 goes through the FULL dispute process. This means the credit card company sends you a letter you have to fill out in full. You have to explain how you bought something and what stipulations you agreed to (including no refunds). You also have to describe in detail how you feel that you should not be paying for what you received. You also have to include how you tried to resolve it with the company. You then send that letter back and the CC company issues a complaint to the company, which they answer.

A credit card is not a "buy anything I want and get my money back if I want to", it simply has built in protections against fraud and not getting a product as advertised.

In this case Cryptic sold unlimited access to an online game, with fine print that it is only good for as long as the game is active. That is what lifetime subscribers got. Pre-order items have nothing to do with lifetime subs, only the borg race which is now available. You got what you paid for, trying to use the dispute process is credit card fraud in this case.
Sure, online payment without receipts (signed) for a service work like that. (maybe where you are, but not here.)

And if one needs to fill in a form, do it. Even I mentioned that one probably has to give a reason for wanting their money back. In Crytics case, service and/or items not delivered comes to mind for a lot of people.