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02-10-2010, 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by Shotmagnet
i remember this stuff too >.> i am not at "school" i am at a technical training center myself, this is the whole adult continuing education for a higher paying job thing <.<
wow some people have all the luck...I took up cooking. Hints why some of the stuff I mention like Hippo basted ribs and such sound so awsome and can make you hungery but on the same note not wanna ever try it.

The teacher was an Australian so I know how to make some really fancy things. Also Strict as hell.

Tonight I am thinking of making Rabbit Stew with some garlic, salt, pepper, a few dashes of Oragano, Onions, Peppers, beef, then baked in the Oven at 450 for 20 minutes after applying some chedder/moziralla cheese.

Hmm may add some Halapeno Peppers for a kick not sure.

Oh and Chat would love my Chocolate. I make it from scratch. It's a chocolate bowl and inside is peanut butter, Some roasted peanuts which btw I grow from time to time. A few mint leafs that have been fried into the peanut butter and as an extra a few Oreo Cookies and cream chuncks.