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02-10-2010, 08:20 AM
c- for me.

Graphics while ok, cripples a lot of systems when involved in ground combat.

Planets, why is almost every planet surrounded but asteroids? A lot of those big do-nut ones too.. how did so many get the same shape..

Sector space is bad.. (hate the bring Eve up but I just tried it for the first time)... when you go to warp in Eve..that is how going to warp in STO should have been.. plot a destination..and zoom.. you start going..

Instanced, no open world play, limited characters... should have been more open world, allowing people to choose how they play their character.. wanna be a trader/merchant/smuggler who travels to various planets..? wanna be a pirate who attacks other ships and steels stuff.. ? Sorry in STO you are forced to be a Captain of a EARTH ship in the federation..

Crafting?.. how about.. collecting objects and trading them in for other objects.. no crafting here.

You are not allowed to login to this server at this time....

Server not responding...

Oh yea.. Giant Romulan ships 3-5 times the size of my ship spinning around in circles faster than I can blink.