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I am having trouble completing a mission called 'Act of Defiance" 'Save Azura ship". A battle ship comes in after I destroy to smaller drones. I dont have the defense or fire power but this is my first ship. Is it I'm suppose to use a stronger ship? Like the one I get once I leveled? Also....I think I am suppose to go to the shipyard to get my ship. But how do I get there since I am in a Vulcan sector. I dont know how to go to spacedock when I am in a different instance. This game to me has a strange learning curve. I am used to have a think Manual like WoW or City Of Heroes/Villains does. I am logging on and really don't know what to do next when I am stuck. Asking on chat would be ok but there is so much spamming. Messages get bumped off real fast off the grid. No matter how hard this game is. I will commit to it because I do like the Star Trek franchise alot. But its kinda a rough ride at the moment. Any info would be greatly appreciated.