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02-10-2010, 10:19 AM
I may be missing something simple here(like my rank is not high enough), but when I goto customize my ship(advanced) it allows me to make the changes, gives me a cost and confirms purchase. But then when I look at my ship, nothing has changed and no credits have been taken.

Any ideas??
I have had this problem. I made another thread about it too, but no one else seems to know anything. I think I have figured out what is going on though.

The system is not displaying the "real" cost of your changes. When you click "purchase" the changes are not applied unless you can afford them. When it says your changes cost "140", the real price might be "560". So if you only have 400 in your account, the changes will not be applied.

The system is bugged though, and doesn't tell you any of this. I found this out only through trial and error. Try going in and doing a single change (one you know is cheap) and then hitting "purchase". Do them one at a time like that. It worked for me.

Be prepared though...the changes will be more expensive than you think. It told me that changing the saucer section would be like 500 points, but it ended up charging me like 2000 or 3000. And do not expect help from GMs or the DEVs. They either do not care about it or consider it a very low priority. I have not gotten any responses from them on this.

Oh yeah...and I think it charges you for changes in a cumulative way...meaning that if you change the saucer section, then change it back, the cost is not zero. It is DOUBLE because it thinks you changed the saucer twice. Changing it back to what it was doesnt cancel out the first charge. So when you make changes, know beforehand what you want and make ONLY that change, and nothing else.

It was expensive, but I was finally able to make all the changes I wanted using this process. The main thing you need to brace yourself for is the expense. Either the system is bugged and it is not displaying the "real" cost correctly, or the bug is inflating the costs beyond what they are supposed to be. Either way, you will be paying through the nose for cosmetic changes to your ship until they get around to fixing this.