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02-10-2010, 09:21 AM
This post makes little sense to me, please try to explain the situation better

Originally Posted by Issue-Pain
Also....I think I am suppose to go to the shipyard to get my ship. But how do I get there since I am in a Vulcan sector. I dont know how to go to spacedock when I am in a different instance.
this in particular makes no sense, the "Instance" you are in has no effect on where you can and cannot go, therefore you should be able to exit to sector space then fly to Earth spacedock at any time.

Originally Posted by Issue-Pain
I am having trouble completing a mission called 'Act of Defiance" 'Save Azura ship"
I do not recognize this mission name, but I assume it is the SS Azura your supposed to be saving? after boarding it and saving the scientists?

The ship that arrives upon disembarking from the SS Azura should be well within your abilities to destroy with default armaments and balanced power settings, if you are having trouble here you are simply doing something wrong, trial and error should rectify this though as there is little that can really be done wrong.