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02-10-2010, 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by buzzard31581 View Post
I knew I was slow, but I didn't realize I was that slow. I've had a character since head start, but I've probably only logged maybe 10 hours of game time at most. I'm juuuust shy of getting LtCmdr. I get maybe half an hour a day (if I'm lucky and I don't get disconnected) which is enough time to run one or two missions. On the weekends I might be able to squeeze in two to three hours. Some days I don't get to play at all because I'm just too busy. For a casual player like myself, I feel there's more than enough content to keep me entertained for months to come. I honestly don't want to rush it and get to a point where I have nothing to do.
You're not *that* slow. I'm about the same as you playing time-wise, and I just hit Lt. Commander the last time I played for longer than 10 minutes. People who rush through the game in my own personal opinion are just looking for a reason to whine.

Not singling anyone out, but people who complain, you totally rush through any games nowadays. I mean, seriously, when a new game comes out the reviews always have to say how LONG it took to beat the hell out of the game. And how much replay value is in the game or it's not worth the money. Sometimes I feel like players are just trying to dig up dirt to throw on the company because *they* have no life and want to complain about lack of content because they are paying a subscription.

/end rant