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02-10-2010, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by Rusty_Diodes
Differently? yes. Unequally? no. Do you really not understand the distinction between equality and sameness?

No two people are alike. Common knowledge- even identical twins have differences in personality, taste, hobbies, etc.

All people are created equally. Common opinion- all humans regardless of age, disability, race, etc. have equal value.

So, people are equal, but they are different. Treat them accordingly!

People are different. Accept it. Enjoy it! That's what makes life so much fun!

Do you treat your mother the same way as your father? No, of course not- that would be silly. Does this mean you are treating one of them badly? I certainly hope not.

I really feel like I'm stating the obvious here.

[/philosophy] (please!?)
I guess I don't understand, the last time I checked the dictionary the word "Equal" means " of the SAME measure". Call me a bona fide idiot if you will, but honestly I am now baffled!