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02-10-2010, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by Cordellg2
That makes me feel better, I haven't even done player versus player yet and honestly I'm a bit hesitant because of some of the nasty posts that I've seen and how some people tend to take advantage of overpowering a weaker opponent..

Don't get me wrong, this is my very first MMRPG and I'm loving it. Despite some of the issues I'm having in certain solo missions, the rewards I get as a result far out weigh the issues I'm having. I just wish I had additional help in certain missions.
PvP is all with people of your level (+ or - a few levels), so it is always fun. You won't get squished too badly. With no death penalty, and win or lose, you still get rewards, there really isn't a reason NOT to PvP.

The missions are fun also.