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02-10-2010, 10:53 AM
I just started a new character to see at what pace I really do level, my first one is a RA at the moment. I am Lt. 7 at the moment, and my playtime is 6 hours and 30 minutes. Deduct perhaps maybe an hour from that for trip to the bathroom, making coffee, helping the wife with something. And all I do is just storyline missions and patrol missions, and I feel really laid-back when I do them.

The difference is, I have time. I start work at 8am, return home at 4pm. Then I eat dinner and start playing around 6pm or so. I log off around midnight, which leaves me with some 6 odd hours I can play on weekdays. On weekends I can play more. My wife always has her own things to do, knitting being her favorite.

Playing games is my favorite way of relaxing. I love games, and been at it since I got my VIC-20 some 30 years ago, followed by a C64. And some know how that story goes When I play games, I do it in what I consider a relaxed, casual and laid-back way. My chair shows signs of that as well, I need to get a new one soon.

But for STO, I think on average it would take 1 hour per level or so in-game time. Which I think is quite normal. The difference, between people it seems, is how much time we have and like to play every day.