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02-10-2010, 11:11 AM
lol true, but it's not like we're playing EVE, where decommissioning a ship means hitting self destruct and watching the fireworks ^_^ "Discharge" literally means to Decommission or Remove from Service... it is no longer an active starfleet vessel...

Besides, it makes better story sense to not have your captain jumping around from ship to ship randomly...

This is a Role-Playing Game, remember? Play the star trek universe... If you do want to give your new awesomeness your flagship name, then have the decency to retire the old one!

Just like only one woman can take your name at a time, don't marry a new girl without divorcing the old one

Okay, horrible analogy...

Anyway... if you wanna play the field, and have a million different ships, then name them all something else! Give each one some character!

If you can't come up with names, I believe there's a random name generator....

EDIT: Better, you don't have every star player on your team play with the same number on their jersey, and you don't call all your best friends by the same nickname lol