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02-10-2010, 12:20 PM
Originally Posted by SuicideBunny
three out of five of my level up boffs are suarians, and this is not the first time this has happened either.
do you hate me, cryptic? why? WHY?!

(also, the level up boffs do not state gender in their description)
Craig Z posted on Twitter recently that the least-played captain type is a Saurian female.

Is anyone surprised? I mean, the Saurians aren't exactly a high-profile Trek race. I had to think to remember that they'd actually appeared as a race. Look at the Memory Alpha website, there's almost nothing there.

The Saurian brandy they make is more famous in Trek lore than they are ...

I'm not complaining, I just feel the OPs pain. This whole Saurian thing is so odd.

Tellarite and Aenar BOs -- both of these races have gotten more Trek screen time than Saurians --were taken out before launch, but the Saurians got the nod?

No Denobulans, no Cardassian friendlies (for Klinks and/or Feds), or any other higher-profile Trek race I'm forgetting to mention, but ... Saurians?

I'm not saying Saurians shouldn't be in the game, I'm just surprised they cut to the head of the line for launch day.

My opinions, anyway,