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02-10-2010, 11:22 AM
I just hit Captain 1 last night. I usually play 3-4 hours at night after work, maybe 8 or 10 on the weekend days if I have nothing else going on. I've done only PvE stuff: story missions, explore missions, sector defense, and patrols. No fleet actions yet. As another poster mentioned, having played beta I knew where everything was before the game started and I'd also played the content from 1-18 so I didn't have to re-read all the mission briefs.

I do feel that I'm leveling at a fairly steady pace without rushing through the game. I do read the mission content and go through the conversation dialogues and whatnot. I haven't made an special point of trying to min-max my ship for performance (heck, my BO skills are in terrible condition right now). I take a little time every time I get a new ship to learn a little more about how the mechanics work and such. Mostly though, it's about having the time to play and keeping a steady pace.

Now granted, there is absolutely no incentive to cap out. Once you run out of content to play that's it until Cryptic adds more. Getting to the level cap first is like winning a race where the prize is being smacked in the head with a board. Enjoy the game. That's what it's here for.