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02-10-2010, 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by buzzard31581 View Post
I knew I was slow, but I didn't realize I was that slow. I've had a character since head start, but I've probably only logged maybe 10 hours of game time at most. I'm juuuust shy of getting LtCmdr. I get maybe half an hour a day (if I'm lucky and I don't get disconnected) which is enough time to run one or two missions. On the weekends I might be able to squeeze in two to three hours. Some days I don't get to play at all because I'm just too busy. For a casual player like myself, I feel there's more than enough content to keep me entertained for months to come. I honestly don't want to rush it and get to a point where I have nothing to do.
your too casual.... Check my sig below... I put my star dates as the date I commissioned my new ship.. less than a week I hit Lt commander. But I have played 45 min this week..... so...

If you tired of questing.. go PVP... there is just some fun .. or play the Klingon's...