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02-10-2010, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by Cordellg2
That makes me feel better, I haven't even done player versus player yet and honestly I'm a bit hesitant because of some of the nasty posts that I've seen and how some people tend to take advantage of overpowering a weaker opponent..

Don't get me wrong, this is my very first MMRPG and I'm loving it. Despite some of the issues I'm having in certain solo missions, the rewards I get as a result far out weigh the issues I'm having. I just wish I had additional help in certain missions.
Jump in there.... work with the others... assist and you should be fine... understand that if you get assisted on you can put up a fight but its going to end up with you being blown to pieces... that how it goes... you need to be the one assisting and not being assisted on. Have fun..