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02-10-2010, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by Naevius
Yeah, I created a lot of flags and sails. I loved the ship combat in that game. But having ships sink with hours of econ work (line ship bundles) down the tubes was unbelievably stupid as a design choice.
I understood that it was a PvP style game with RvR....

But that STILL doesn't change the fact that I had just gotten a ship that I'd wanted...can't remember what it was...was a special deed from a turn-in at Tortuga...Didn't want to drop the deed there, wanted to take it to the port I had a bunch of stuff I was saving for it.

Immediately after zoning into the open sea, I saw about 4 ships heading towards me...I was screwed...Bam...Battle...I couldn't combat 4 ships on my own...and I had the wind against me. Needless to say...I was sunk...and lost that shiny new deed.

From the time I docked at Tortuga, until the time I was clear...Between the time I checked the map for the red circle, and the time I loaded into the open was turned into a PvP zone....

I liked how PvP was setup there....but the Death Penalty was a bit much.

I am not against DPs....just not a fan of losing everything because I died.