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02-10-2010, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by Suraknar View Post

This is to propose a more streamlines approach to certain confirmation screens that come up just too abruptly and become an annoyance in the long run, since these are kin to Popups on the internet which everyone just wishes they would go away and many people have develloped many tools to make em stop popping up.

For instance, when we enter a System, or an Encounter in the Sector Block map there is always that Confirmation screen popping up asking if one would like to stay or warp out.

Then there is the Popup at the completion of Missions, which always comes up in the most wrong moment, as in some missions one may simply want to stay a bit longer go through loot make some adjustments, or skill up or even continue to explore and scan some anomalies.

Sometimes it popus up in the middle of combat if the objectives were met and did not require killing the last ship.

And then there is a second confirmation too.

So the suggestion here is to streamline this process a bit to make it less aggressive and more flowing, instead of a big Popup like that requiring user input, why not have a small screen with the officer Icon appearing besides the radar with a distinctive sound that indicates the mission has been completed and without requiring user input collapsing a few seconds later to the input button to the right side and bellow the radar so that the player warps out or inputs a decision at the time of their own choosing.

I think this would be a better approach for much of the interaction rather than this in your face aggressive and abrupt "give me you answer now" kind of confirmation screen.

Even interaction screens could be made to popup only if the user wishes them by inviting the player to communication rather than just popup up the way they do.

Thoughts suggestions alternatives welcome.
I also would like that because there is nothing worse than one poping out when your are about to bit blasted to piece. The one i hate most right now is during starbase 24 mission...