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02-10-2010, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by Judge_Bloodgood View Post
Looks to me they are only queuing for the cracked planet match. No salvage or any other capture the flag games pop any more.

maybe its because they have the distinct advantage in cracked as the pic in this thread shows.

It shows only 3 of the carriers in the match. There are at least 30+ contacts there. So including the 4th carrier, all his spawns and the one BoP that was there 5 feds were fighting 45+ Klingons. Kinda sad the klingons take the PvP so seriously. They were jeering the feds and going on and on about how we suck at PvP yet they were sitting in among so many fighters you couldn't even see the klingons. Yet they are the ones that lose the capture the flag games most of the time as we are the ones that work better together.

Sad really that Cryptic let the end game PvP come to this.

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Actually 2 of the carriers were jeering at the 4th for his suicide build relying on fed ignorance and stupdity to do damage for him.