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02-10-2010, 01:33 PM
Sigh. Reached level 31 today, which means I'm now at the point where I want to create my "final" officers. And yet, this still isn't fixed, and my bug ticket hasn't even got the "we're looking into this" response.

I'll say it again:

The Alien science and engineering officers you receive from missions (and which therefore are Uncommon, Rare, or Very Rare) are ALL male. Zero female officers whatsoever for the Alien race. (Note that there are Common female officers for the custom races, possibly because the race is listed as "Unknown" instead of "Alien".)

One possible culprit: when you accept an officer, sometimes it says "inventory full" even though you've got plenty of room in both your inventory and assignments tab. Completing the mission again will usually work correctly, but I've noticed that doing this changes the pre-assigned name and skills on the officer. Effectively, it's "re-rolling" everything but race when you take the requisition mission. So maybe it's possible that certain combinations (like female Alien) are being treated as somehow invalid and triggering this effect, but that others work just fine?