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02-10-2010, 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by Spatzimaus View Post
It's worse than that. I've bought TWELVE Alien officers off the exchange, and every one has been male. The chances of this happening naturally would be 1 in 4096, so I have to assume that the game simply doesn't generate female Alien officers when assigning them initially.
(I'm trying to get two alien female officers: one science, one engineer, with decent traits. RP reasons.)
Originally Posted by Spatzimaus View Post
Okay, after extensive testing (involving me buying about three dozen uncommon and rare Alien officers of various professions), I can confirm this; not a SINGLE female officer in the whole lot.

This is very, very annoying to those of us who want a specific group of characters on our ships. And it's a symptom of a bigger headache with STO: the nature of the skill point system encourages you to pick your "final" crew early and develop them, but the fact that traits aren't alterable encourages you to use only rare/very rare officers, which obviously require some time to accumulate.

This could all be solved by allowing us to "train" a trait to another officer in the same way we do skills. But until/unless that happens, things like this can be crippling. (I've got two BO slots with Common officers in them at the moment that I intend to replace as soon as I can find a female alien engineer and science. Obviously there's no point in spending skill points or merits on those two.)

I know where all the female BOFFS are!!!

I have them

So far, ironically enough, all of my BO's have been female. I didnt plan this, and its not like i just chose them that way. When i decided i wanted a tactical officer i went to buy one and it ended up fem. When it came time to fill the sci slot, blammo! again, a female. and then i myself play a fem toon (yes, im male) so i ended up with an all female crew, completely unintentionally. any other toons that ive got have been a mix, usually, going back and forth, but for whatever reason, Q has decided to ensure my entire crew will stay female. I have 5 officers total right now, and every single one of them, Fem. Not that im complaining

Thanks Q!!!