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02-10-2010, 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by rnieves View Post
Yeah that's what I thought but it doesn't it just says "Discover Missing Ships Fate"... it doesn't go into anymore detail. I think someone got a little lazy with description writing. I spent some time in the LOTA PAVONIS SECTOR block last night to see if I could find a ship or system that would match the mission but there was nothing to be found. Eventually I gave up and dropped the mission altogether hoping it would start over and I could figure out where it was that I was supposed to be going, but the mission was removed from the list of options.
I am having this same issue. The episode description just reads "discover ships fate" and the quest is O-I 942. I have been asking around in game and have gotten nothing but snarky comments. I am about to just drop the quest because I have absolutely no idea where to go.