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02-10-2010, 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by Nola_GoGo
im having the same problem right now. i talked to Romaine and she said to deposit them just south of her. I see the machinery that glows, but other than banking or mailing, the other ones don't give me an option to deposit the samples. I see them in my inventory...just don't know where to deposit them at.

It should be that 1/4 pillar that kinda looks like an ATM machine right nearby Romaine. Stay in that sunken area, you should see the little terminal. I did it awhile back and no issues dropping it off then talking to Romaine for quest completion.

It should flash white and when you get close receive the prompt for depositing.

It may be breaking on and off like the STO mail system does. Try to mail something... *throws dice* you rolled a critical fail! Try again and please, drag and drop your stuff all over again for that fresh I hate the broken mail system feeling.