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Im thinking about my progression toward higher Tiers and all I keep thinking about is the literal fireworks show each PvP battle will be as we have more and more exotic skills to spam. Everybody spamming, over and over again to buff this, de-buff that, blah,blah, blah.

I keep seeing each tier getting farther and farther from a Trek battle and more and more Harry Potter starships.

What if we increase the cool downs, tone down the exotics and/or create a concept of exponential deminished returns for exotic specials within a PvP session. Basically give our crews the benefit of the doubt o being able to adapt pro-activly to "new" threats over-time. So over the course of a match, exotics become much less effective. Both on the individiual, but also against the team/faction(to a lesser extent) during the match.

This would include:
Reverse Shield Polarity
Charges Particle Burst
Feedback Pulse
Viral Matrix
Scramble Sensors
Sensor Jam
All Attack Patterns
Directed Energy Modulation
Cycle Shields?

Leave intact, but increase cool downs by 25-50%:
All Emergency Power to "X"

Leave intact:
High Yield Torps(since we can only fire 1 torp per end)
Rapid Fire
Beam Overload(including its coming tweak)
various Sensor Scans(anti-cloak counter measures)

Limit severly and add very long cool downs to:
Ramming Speed
Abandon Ship

The hope is to bring into play more player skill and a greater importance of conventional combat execution to the table, relegating specials to being truly special. That way it doesnt look like some kid dreamed up the combat sequences...if someone's ship transforms into a robot in PvP I'll pop!