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02-10-2010, 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by Khromm View Post
Call for help only has an effect if you're part of a player team, and just gives other members a message that you're requesting help.

What you CAN do, is set your science BO to passive mode when you're down - he'll still use non-combat (i.e. healing) skills, and will usually pop over and rez you, after which you can reset him to offensive should you so desire.
Sounds like a plan!

One thing I ought to have said is DO come pick me up when I'm down but it seems they're almost always under fire, or so far away when they come towards me they get re-engaged, so I spent one fight ought for nearly two or three minutes (I pulled a Leeroy). I'll try what you've suggested though, looks like it' should work.