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02-10-2010, 07:57 PM
PhysX is a physics library like HAVOC. PhysX has two versions, there is unaccelerated version that is inexpensive to license for games. And then there is a hardware accelerated version that uses the CUDA architecture on nVidia GPU's. The common version of this library is the unaccelerated version, but still allows games to go physics calculations through the CPU.

IF STO installed the PhysX library (I do not know as I had it pre-installed) they they are using the unaccelerated version for their partial physics. This will not hinder you in any way, it is just a physics library like HAVOC.

As for PhysX and Cuda, this has not taken off due to the split market that nvidia has. writing a game to use Hardware accelerated PhysX also means developer have to create an unaccelerated version of the application. Sadly this limits the market value of the game. Something most developers are loath to do unless they are getting some serious kickbacks from nVidia.