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02-10-2010, 09:11 PM
Originally Posted by SaintHazard View Post
Why do people buy energy credits? There's nothing to buy with them. I have a terrible habit of spending mine on frivolous bullsh*t and I still have a solid 100k or so sitting around waiting to be spent.

And I have 4k merit stacked up and nothing to spend it on. Currency in this game is kinda weird that way.
Say WHAT?!

I hear you on the SF merit.... but 100k EC???

I have to buy all my equipment via the exchange so I have close to zip. XD

Sure I can rack up the exploration badges, but the others come slowly and painfully after too much time in a queue.

But to be clear, I enjoy earning my currency no matter the forum.
To trade real world money for MMO money is like some form of sacrilege....