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02-10-2010, 10:25 PM
I don't like the initial solution because it doesn't describe what to do about an "Open PvP" area, like Borg Hunt. You can be there literally all day if you want, so I don't think powers that diminish over time would make sense there.

Perhaps something like this:

If you have an officer with Reverse Shield Polarity II, you get a power icon for that.

If you have an officer (the same or different) with Reverse Shield Polarity I, you don't get a separate power icon for it. Instead, it reduces the cooldown of the higher copy of the same power.

So if you have 4 different copies of Reverse Shield Polarity, it only shows up in your power bar once, with the highest level available, but the cooldown has been reduced by the other 3 copies. This is subject to diminishing returns.

Not exactly sure what the math should look like, but that's the general idea.