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The "Techie" trait has this as its description:

Space Trait. Improves your engineering stat, which increases the effectiveness of maintenance, repair, and performance powers.

+10 Starship Engineering Training


Here's the problem - the description of the trait does not seem to match the actual effect. The "Starship Engineering Training" skill seems to have nothing to do with either repair or maintenance.

In fact, here's the description of the "Starship Engineering Training" skill:

Starship Engineering Training
Starship engineering skill

This skill improves starship system performance abilities.

Examples include:
Rotate Shield Frequency
Eject Warp Plasma


Now, it says "examples includes", but as far as I can tell the only skills or abilities that actually make use of the Starship Engineering Training skill are the two examples given in the description: Rotate Shield Frequency and Eject Warp Plasma. And Rotate Shield Frequency is an Engineering character (not bridge officer) only ability. So, for anyone who chose a career in something other than engineering, the Starship Engineering Training skill only improves the "Eject Warp Plasma" bridge officer ability.

So if all the "Techie" trait does for non-engineers is give the player a +10 to the Eject Warp Plasma ability by way of improving the Starship Engineering Training skill by 10 points.. well, that's pretty darn disappointing. Is that really how it works?

Something of note: a patch that was released in the last month of beta mentioned that the Starship Engineering Training skill now helps improve cloaking. However, this is not mentioned anywhere on the tool-tip of the Starship Engineering Training skill itself, which in turn makes me wonder if any other information is missing.

The Starship Engineering Training skill is one of the Tier 1 skills, which are supposed to be very general in their nature. However, this skill seems to be very specific in what it actually modifies. That just seems off. And if the "Techie" trait really only provides a "+10 Starship Engineering Training" benefit, and doesn't actually benefit any of the repair and maintenance mumbo-jumbo flavor listed in the description, then that trait is nowhere near as useful as I thought it was. And based on some of the confused threads I've read on this topic I don't think I'm alone on this.

So, what's the real deal? Does anyone have any solid facts?