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02-10-2010, 11:27 PM
While I'm not necessarily opposed to some tweaks to cooldowns and/or strength of certain special abilities, if you're going to nerf all of the defensive abilities like that, you're going to have to eviscerate Rapid Fire (which is already overpowered).

The hope is to bring into play more player skill and a greater importance of conventional combat execution to the table, relegating specials to being truly special. That way it doesnt look like some kid dreamed up the combat sequences...if someone's ship transforms into a robot in PvP I'll pop!
If you want player skill, then the specials need to not be "too" special/rare. Otherwise battles turn into spacebar mashing and trying to make sure you turn shield facings to try and stay alive longer. While the turning/positioning part might sound somewhat tactical in theory, it isn't that way in practice, and isn't even a possibility for the higher tier Federation cruisers (seriously, 5 turn rate? and I really wanted to love the Galaxy, too; being a TNG fanboy and all).