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02-10-2010, 10:53 PM
(this post is a work in progress)

  • Attack Pattern Alpha
    ~hard counter: n/a
    ~soft counter: General anti-damage

  • Fire on my Mark
    ~hard counter: tactical team
    ~soft counter: general anti-damage

  • Tactical Initiative
    ~hard counter: n/a
    ~soft counter: n/a

  • Go Down Fighting
    ~hard counter: n/a
    ~soft counter: General anti-damage, focus fire the target since it is generally used at a low health

  • Rotate Shield Frequency
    ~hard counter: General shield-subsystem counters
    ~soft counter: General shield-subsystem counters

  • EPS transfer
    ~hard counter: n/a
    ~soft counter: this counters energy drain, but energy drain counters this

  • Nadion inversion
    ~hard counter: n/a
    ~soft counter: n/a

  • Miracle Worker
    ~hard counter: n/a
    ~soft counter: kill as much crew as possible.

  • Sensor Scan
    ~hard counter: Science team
    ~soft counter: n/a

  • Subnucleonic Beam
    ~hard counter: Science Team
    ~soft counter: Photonic officer

  • Dampening Field
    ~hard counter: n/a
    ~soft counter: Kinetic Damage

  • Photonic fleet
    ~hard counter: n/a
    ~soft counter: when the ship that activated the skill dies, the fleet will disapear.

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