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02-11-2010, 12:21 AM
Well the problem comes from Cryptic's last minute change to the skill system. Under the originally announced no skill cap this type of setup was fine because players keep earning skill points at later levels and can continue to develop later tier skills much like how EvE works. And personally I HATE EvE as I prefer more direct control over my ship like STO does and not the click attack and wait that EvE does.

Since most skills after T2 are like the ship Hull skills in that they don't stack there is very little reason to have a skill cap other the pigeon holing people into one build that they are stuck with until respec becomes available. Since it's hard to tell how much bonus those Hull skills give we'll use weapons as the example instead. If you max out one type of weapon skill like Phasers you get an extra 52% damage.

That means if you don't use phasers your seriously handy capping yourself. So unless you spend even more skill points in another weapon type your not going to be doing nearly as well as someone who has that skill. It also means your not going to be experimenting much cause any special effect from the weapon is rendered pointless by the fact your doing significantly less damage.

The game badly needs a respec option so people can experiment more. But like the OP suggest a lot of the skills need to be made more useful. In a system where you have a very limited number of points to spend and can't even get 1/3 of the skills there should be NO skills that are not used END GAME. If a skill is not used by an end game character it should not be on the tree because it only cripples new players who don't know any better for picking it and thus hinder their character.

Personally I think the whole system needs a major over haul because most of the skills are end of the tree skills. Take the weapon skills for example Tier 1 covers a very broad range while Tier 2 is most specialized. But then Tier 3-5 are the same as the Hull skills in that you only pick one and use it the rest of the game as there is no reason to pick any of the others since it's just a waste of points. The only difference is T3 weapons like Phaser/Disruptor you can still use end game while T3-T4 Hull skills are worthless.