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02-11-2010, 12:09 AM
The "rare" officers tend to have more and better ground racial traits. For example, instead of just having the Creative trait (+2.5% damage and healing), they might have Superior Creative (+7.5% damage and healing) instead.

Otherwise, they are pretty much exactly the same. If you have all the skills you want on your current bridge officers, and don't really care about having some moderately nicer ground traits, then you don't really need to keep them if you don't like or use them. I myself still have my original crew from the beginning of the game, because I've become attached to them.

One reason to have so many officers includes wanting to have 'custom teams' for varying situations. Like if you wanted to have a separate crew for your escort, with different skills that more accentuate the escort's strengths, as opposed to the crew you use for your cruiser. Or you might want to make a separate 'away team' that was more combat oriented, perhaps consisting of more rare officers, since your 'bridge crew' doesn't need or use the rare traits. Also, since away teams aren't limited by things like the number of stations on a ship, you can make all tactical officer squads, or whatever combo you wanted.