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Originally Posted by Spiritraiser
If you spend BO points with an officer and you dismiss him you lose those points from what I saw. Are there enough points to sack trained officers in order to get one of the later better versions and train them up? Or you have to: a) either not train your initial ones much (if you want to wait for the better ones) or b) forget later ones and pick what you want from start and go with it?
You never stop earning BOff skill points. As a matter of fact, upon hitting max level, you seem to get a percentage (like 2/3rds) of the SP you would have gotten as BOSP instead.

I know without checking on my character that I could fully train 2 BOffs, maxing out everything. And probably more.

As far the there being a point to all those rare BOffs, for the most part, there isn't. Ground combat is cake, so them having improved ground combat stats doesn't matter much. Which means what you tend to look for is them having a better space power. Sometimes that happens, say with one having Reverse Shield Polarity III, something you cannot train or otherwise get, or maybe Aceton Field III, when normally you can only get IIs.

However, it is always that commander ability. None of the lower ones. You won't find one that has Torpedo: High Yield II as an ensign power, for example. And, for that reason, combined with the ease of ground combat, there isn't much point to them.