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02-11-2010, 02:26 AM
Originally Posted by Zedrin
Subnucleonic - don't be in a 90 degrees arc in front of the Science Captain. Hit him with a Sub Beam yourself. Tractor him in place. Drain Aux power - Tychen's Rift? (reduces duration to near nothing). Viral Matrix/Jam Sensors...

If all else fails - wait it out. (at max Aux this means some interesting flying about as it can last 20+ seconds). Unlike VM though you can still at least fly about - max power engines and get out?
No hard counters? And half of the stuff is only viable when you are Science yourself! Sub Beam, Viral Matrix, ... and the other half is easily countered by him. Tractor -> Polarize, Viral Matrix & Jam sensors -> Science Team.