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02-11-2010, 03:16 AM
The fedball is a joke man, your whole problem is this -

Primary target : JamesTPicardJanewaySisko , you decloak start shooting said fed noob and what do you know he pops reverse shield polarity and is thereafter supported with shield extends, science teams, engineering teams and the like.

The key is switching targets, and doing so very quickly. Sadly without voice communication the "very fast" part is not easy to achieve.

Imagine "Primary target : JamesTPicardJanewaySisko" only getting primaried for 5 seconds, once you see the green, its time to switch. Do note reverse only lasts 15 seconds and be ready to switch back to him after that time. Of course he might pop green again or have an extend on him. This is why the target caller will make or break the match.

You have to be on the ball and know what each one of your opponents are doing.

Aside of all this meaningless easy stuff to do. You have the same abilities available to you to counter being focused. Not only that but you know who they are going to primary , duh the first guy decloaking. Most fedballs don't switch targets and will lemming at that target until they all die.

I might add the first decloaker to be deflectors/field specced and use feedback pulse as well,please abuse the hell out of this skill as it really needs balanced. I can run my carrier into 5 beam using feds and kill them all with general ease with one shot of level II of this ability.

Either way killing the fedball is mostly mindless and boring, its the skilled grouped feds that actually make pvp enjoyable and not a slaughterfest.