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02-11-2010, 04:21 AM
Science team removes the first one of these debuffs placed on you: Viral Matrix, Jam sensors, Scramble sensors.

Tractor Beam is broken completely by polarize hull.

Feedback pulse countered by target subsystems: auxiliary. Soft counter is to use no beam weapons.

Extend shields stopped by viral matrix on using ship, or pushing the ships more than 5k away from each other (photonic shockwave?).

All system disables from target subsystem beams can be countered by: engineering team, miracle worker, emergency power to X (instantly repairs all disabled X systems). Skillpoints or items with "starship hull repair" also decreases the time it takes to repair a subsystem.

Soft counter to Reverse Shield Polarity is to use only kinetic damage weapons. Feedback Pulse should be considered a soft counter against RSP users with beam weapons. Directed energy modulation may be considered a very soft counter.