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# 1 STO BOT (I've seen it!)
02-11-2010, 04:35 AM
So like in any other Game STO has it's exploiters.
Some days ago I was in an open instance with an other guy and he was 100% behaving like a bot.
1) Not talking for 30 min (even when talked to for a dozen times)
2) never using full impulse while flying around the planet
3) never scanning for anomalies
4) used only disruptors as weapons which you don't have to time properly (like torpedos)
5) 3-4 lvl to high for the instance (so the bot wouldn't get hurt

I still remember his ingame name.
So what is the policy of STO? What to do?

just some more details:
1) he was in my Team. I told him many times how to use the full impulse via team channel. why?
2) because we were 2 guys in instance with one big planet in the middle and we had to fly more then 100 (million km or what is it?) and without full speed it takes several minutes.
the ships were many an powerfull so I couldn't go alone after them. I had to full impulse to the ships attack them and fly all the way back to this guy. he strted attacking them when they were near. he never made the "first contact"
3) ok anomalies are **** and this is irrelevant
4) it seemed he had no other weapon but dual disruptors
5) it was a patrol the system mission. we were 2 guys. he had no problems killing the ships and was very idle

so what would be evidence for a bot in your opponion?