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02-11-2010, 04:35 AM
Feedback pulse may be considered a soft counter to beam overload.
Evasive maneuvers may be considered a soft counter to torpedo: spread.
Beam: Fire at will and Cannon: Barrage may be considered soft counters to Boarding Party in space. The same goes for torpedo: high yield if plasma torp launchers are used.
Killing crewmen has no impact on Engineering team, should not be listed as soft counter. Amount of crew only affects miracle worker.
Extend Shields is dependant on the shield power setting of the ship using it, counters include target subsystem shields, energy syphon and tyken's rift ( and any other abilities that decrease power of target). The same goes for RSP, if enough shield drains are used, the power will drop to 0 and the shield along with it.
Tyken's Rift best countered by power transfer rate boosts, such as EPS flow regulators or EPS Transfer (engineer ability). Soft counter is to target aux systems before it is used.