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02-11-2010, 04:58 AM
8800 and 9800 series GTX cards all like to heat up, my laptop has an UNDERCLOCKED GTX 260 (Desktop 9800GTX rebrand) and underclocking it to run below 87C gave me Superb performance, overclocked (over 92c) has a disaster of a performance.

Perhaps, if you underclock and keep it below 87c, this could be the trick you are looking for.

Also, I have found with this type of GPU, only a very very small underclock can mean a world of diference, as in less then 1/10th of a % can raise or lower the temp of my card by a wopping 12c, perhaps if you find your cards sweet spot.

also, to test my GPU performance and Temp's I use FURMARK at 15 min test intervals.

mines is set to run at GPU500/MEM800/SHADE1250 with 195 (latest drivers) and have perfect-good performance with 2x-8x AA as long as it stay's at those clock rates =)


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