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02-11-2010, 04:02 AM
There are many hairs that needs to go in to the game. Take for instance one of the main features of Star Trek Aliens, the forehead. How many of them doesn't have a lot of forehead details, that is covered up by the hair as the hair is made to fit humans. Three version of receding hairs are available, if you don't like the dreads look. The women have a slick-back hair that would suit Cardassian males if it had ha higher hairline so the "spoon" on the forehead doesn't get covered up.

Why isn't there any curly hair in the game?

They have Xindi facial features but not their hair.
Just like they have done with many other species.
When will we get the more exotic species features, like tails, fish eyes, whiskers, fins, beaks, wings, pods, buds, whines, bug-eyes, beastly legs, different placements for ears, beastly heads, claws.

The Character Creator needs some love, and it needs it now.

(not forgetting all the colours in the palette that looks completely different on the skin, or clothes)

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