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02-11-2010, 04:49 AM
I hear ya.

The current skill trees work fine if there is no cap, but I'm guessing Cryptic made the call to change it for a reason.

Of the other tier'd skills, nothing stands out as much as the hull types. As you mention, you can still use phasers or disruptors in the late game - it comes down to what you put points into, and the advantage those have over others is it is cheaper in skill points to get them.

The key difference for hull from anything else is you do not use the T3 or T4 hulls in the late game. Ever. Unless you're weird.

While the whole thing might want an overhaul, the Starfleet Training tree is the one with the most obvious issue. No other tree has entire tiers of skills that are rendered totally worthless simply by levelling.