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# 1 Hollow-deck (Ideas thread)
02-11-2010, 05:38 AM
I was exploring the Delta Volaris cluster and had a few ideas:

First of all, planets... information... gathering

Out of three missions there were three planets which required me to approach and interact, ultimately resulting in me taking my away team to the surface then running around for a bit. The whole experience was rather... hollow.

So I got to thinking, the first planet had no enemies on it, it was a simple beam down to the surface and interact with a computer objective, however it made me (unnecesarily) take my entire away team (all bridge officers) with me, but I dont understand why. Lets face it, the AI of your team is not one of STO's strong points.

My idea? Why not make essential information available while in space and allow us to take who we think would be required in the away team?

Example: upon approaching the planet you get the scan planet option, a window pops up showing information about the planet, maybe a little bit of miscalenious information here to add to depth, something like, average temperature, climate, possible vegetation etc, but more importantly this window should give almost an overview of the ground section, perhaps a vague map, detailed mission objectives, the probability of enemy contact, etc. The player can then use this information to determine who should join them in there away team (if anyone) as well as this I would propose a team loadout screen to replace the current "select bridge officers" screen (which serves no purpose since the latest patch, as it forces you to take your bridge officers anyway) on this screen you can access and change the teams loadouts etc, this would also allow for the use of the officers that are in your "inventory" but have not been commisioned to serve on your bridge, the restriction to amount of team members would still be limited in most cases to be 4 maximum, so resticting the player to only using currently commisioned officers is a bit daft.

in addition to the above, I noticed while doing these three missions there was 0 (no, nill, zilch) things to loot, Im sure I dont need to point out that if the medical station was abandoned then there shoud be things left to loot all over the place, This I feel would be a perfect oppurtunity to find commodities in nice neat stacks of 10, after all If this is an abandoned medical facility, would you not expect to find the medical supplies that the next system over so desperatly needs? In addition maybe the facility is full of medical supplies but they require a science officer to open them, again this should be hinted at in the world overview mentioned above, so that the away team can be modified to reflect this. You may also encounter a barrier or a locked room that has loot inside but requires an engineer to access, or the use of sheer force may be called for (Tactical officer) these actions may be restricted depending on the "class" of the main character, so that even though the areas is the ultimately the same for all players, it plays a little differently depending on the "class" chosen.

I had so many other ideas but I'd like to let others contribute too, and its likely that most people have stopped reading at this point, those of you who are still reading, thanks and please contribute to this thread with your own suggestions.