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02-11-2010, 07:08 AM
Originally Posted by Admiral-Flint View Post
...unfortunately as engineering captain you will however never be able to use High Yield Torp. III, no matter what ship class you fly or which skills you invest your skillpoints in. HY III is an ability only tactical captains can unlock and use, if they fly an escort class ship.

Just to clarify, are there no BO's (Purple, Very Rare) that have High Yield III?


Any BO's that have Medical Tricorder III

Are these only ever trainable by Tac/Sci officers? If that is the case, what Engineering ability can only be trained by Engineering Officers that will never be found on a BO?

Thanks in advance.

(I search the Exchange daily for Medical Tricorder III, so this will save me time looking if this is the case)